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forward. The first extension came during November 2003 and extended operations through March 2008. The Astrophysical Journal Letters. A weak signal was finally detected using a 35-metre (115 ft) antenna in New Norcia, Western Australia, and communication with XMM-Newton suggested that the spacecraft's Radio Frequency switch had failed. 61 62 In February 2013 it was announced that XMM-Newton along with Nustar have for the first time measured the spin rate of a supermassive black hole, by observing the black hole at the core of galaxy NGC 1365. 26 A third extension was passed in November 2007, which provided for operations through 2012. 13 14 Because of the spacecraft's good health and the significant returns of data, XMM-Newton has received several mission extensions by ESA's Science Programme Committee. During the night of 34 November 2002, RGS-2 was cooled from its initial temperature of 80 C (112 F) down to 113 C (171 F and a few hours later to 115 C (175 F). "An Overview of the XMM Observatory System". A radiator cools the camera to 100 C (148 F). "10 years of discovery: Commemorating XMM-Newton's first decade".

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A b c Brinkman,.; Aarts,.; den Boggende,.; Bootsma,.; Dubbeldam,.;. XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting #19. 25 The second extension was approved in December 2005, extending work donna cerca uomo cormano bsx through March 2010. This configuration minimises focal aberrations. Each CCD is 64189 pixels, for a total capacity of 145,000 pixels. In general, the instruments are cooled to reduce the amount of dark current within the devices.

Bakeca incontri estec
bakeca incontri estec

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